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Kickbikes were invented over 25 years ago in the Swiss Alps, to train world class sled dogs in the summer months when the snow would melt. Over the years the Kickbike community has turned this training into a worldwide sport called Dryland Mushing. Along the way the mad geniuses at Kickbike Labs have been breaking records, racking up awards and redefining what a scooter really is. Now with 11 wildly different models, and more on the way, there truly is a Kickbike for every person and adventure!

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I think I’m the first person in Hawaii to have this bike here. It’s a great workout and ride. I use it 4 times a week to get to the gym. It’s a 5 mile ride. It’s very easy to set up even if it didn’t have the instructions. But most of all I love it cause it could handle my weight at 350 lbs!
Roy Machado

CrossMax 20D+

I’ve had a Sport G4 for a year and love it! I use it for aerobic and leg strength training instead of jogging/running because it is much easier on the knees. It has about the same impact as an elliptical trainer. It is great for cross training for marathons and triathlons.


Sport G4

Well worth the price, comes with all the bells and whistles and it has great craftsmanship. I use this for dog scootering or urban mushing when there is not enough snow for my Husky. The scooter is perfect right out of the box to hit the trail or sidewalks!


CrossMax 20D+


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