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Low Impact Workout

Can’t or don’t like running, try this…

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Welcome To Kickbike America

Regarded as the Porsche of the scooter world, the Kickbike is an award winning product that blurs the lines between skateboarding, snowboarding, running and biking. Kickbiking is the ultimate low impact, cardio workout that will take you anywhere you wish to explore. Used by olympic and professional athletes to cross-train, as well as fit families to cross town.

Feel Like A kid, Train Like A Pro


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Kickbike Reviews

“the sport of Kickbiking offers an excellent no-impact, supplemental workout that raises your heart rate and strengthens your quads and hamstrings”

– Richard A. Lovett | Runner’s World Magazine

Kickbike Reviews

“A perfect way for parents to get a workout while playing with their kids”

– Stephanie Slate |

Kickbike Reviews

“So America, are you ready to trade in your bruised, painful sit bones for a fit and toned body? Just be warned, you may feel like selling off all your old bicycles after trying the perfect scooter.”

– Jeffrey the Barak |

Kickbike Reviews

“It’s an excellent aerobic butt trimmer, and cardio-vascular work-out. By riding you become a Kickbiker and can join in fun kick-events like road races and safaris. You also earn the envious gaze of toddlers throughout town.”

– Anjana Gadgil | The Guardian

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