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Whether you are training your sled dogs for the Iditarod or just want to get fit with your pup, Kickbike is the most trusted Dryland Mushing Dog Scooter in the world for over 25 years.

Championship Pedigree

The Kickbike was created over 25 years ago for the sole purpose of training World-Class competitive sled dogs in the summer months when the snow would melt. A quarter century later, the Kickbike is still the perpetual Dry Land Mushing World Champion.

Dogs Love It

It’s no secret, dogs love to run! The Kickbike allows the dogs to run free and as fast as they want in a controlled and safe way. Kickbiking allows you to bond with your dog in a fun and healthy way while exploring the great outdoors.

Perfect For Everyone

Kickbiking is easy to learn, very safe and extremely fun. The sport of dog and urban mushing is spreading fast in America and Kickbike provides everything you need to just get started for fun or compete with the best mushers in the world.

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There is an immense amount of pride and exuberance you get from a Kickbike ride with your dog. It is a bond like no other. The GREAT news is that you don’t need to be a competitive musher to experience this. Dogs intuitively know what to do, and with a little training and time, you and your best friend will em[bark] on an exhilarating adventure gaining health and freedom while meeting a bunch of awesome people in this close knit community.



Dog Mushing is an ancient and fast growing sport in which a dog or pack of dogs pulls a vehicle, typically a dog sled. Not wanting to lose a competitive edge, the Kickbike was created to train sled dog teams in the summer months when the snow had melted. Thus, dryland mushing was invented. Now the fastest growing dog sport in the world, the Kickbike is not only the original, but the champion.


Kickbiking with your dog provides a fun outlet for you and your dog to get healthy together while getting outside and having fun. After each ride your relationship and communication will grow and you will form a bond that is strong and unique.


Pretty much anywhere. A wide open space or lengthy trail is optimal for high speed, distraction free mushing. But plenty of people start out mushing around their neighborhoods, at local parks or trails. More and more clubs and groups are forming every day around America. Jojn one locally or start your own!


The CrossMax series is made specifically for offroad dog mushing. They are an outstanding bang-for-your-buck. If you want to take it up a notch, the 29er is the multi-year World Champion Dryland Musher. It is an absolute beauty and the beast. If you have multiple dogs, one giant dog or just want the biggest, baddest scooter ever made…well, that is why we made the legendary FatMax.


Just about any dog can learn to mush. The dogs best suited to this are 35 lb+ athletic breeds with lots of energy to burn. As you would expect, the husky breeds have an innate ability to run and pull, as these instincts are bred into them. But we’ve seen dozens of breeds fall in love with and excel at mushing on a Kickbike.


A dog, a quality harness, a running line (leash) and a Kickbike. You will need to practice often, teaching your pup mushing commands, such as the basics of “Gee” (right), “Haw” (left), “Easy” (slow), and “Whoa” (stop). There are many more commands, and you can create your own, but it does take practice – but that is the fun part. All in all, it is a simple sport that is very rewarding, The look on your dog’s face after a ride will be all the reward you will need.




Join #KickbikeNation and the fast growing sport of dog mushing. Kickbikes are designed and built with passion, to be the absolute best adult dog scooter in the world. Combine that with our battle tested accessories and your amazing dog – now we have some epic things happening.


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