The Kickbike is a revolution in minimalist product design. Taking all the bulky, complex parts of a modern bicycle away and leaving only what you need, the Kickbike is a lightweight, simple machine made for speed and efficiency. 100% People Powered, the Kickbike is as easy to ride as anything you will find. Simply step on with one foot, and push off with the other…that is it! With the low center of gravity, and the fact you almost always have a foot on the ground, the Kickbike is very stable and safe at low and high speeds. The high performance parts and genius build allow for high speeds with minimal effort.


The Kickbike is unlike anything you have ever ridden, yet is very familiar and super easy to ride! A lesson in modern minimalist design, the Kickbike is based on a patented aircraft grade aluminum alloy frame that easily holds up to 275lbs and is extremely sturdy. Built in to the frame is the kickplate that you stand on like you would a skateboard. Standard bicycle handlebars make you feel right at home and high performance front+rear brakes stop on a dime. A newly upgraded kickstand easily flips out with your foot and the average Kickbike weighs only 15lbs making storing, transporting and carrying a breeze!


Meet the Kickbike Freeride! An epic cross between the legendary 20″ BMX and a skateboard! With a sturdy aircraft aluminum alloy frame holding at least 265 lbs, this badboy is a favorite with kids, teens and adults. Take it to school, the skate park or around town, your sure to catch some attention. High performance front and rear brakes and low center of gravity make riding a Kickbike extremely safe. Kickbikes are much easier to learn to ride than a bicycle and especially for children with special needs or trouble with balance or coordination, the Kickbike is easy to ride and builds much needed confidence.

Customize with your own standard bike parts to make it your own!


Getting around in crowded areas, such as resorts or cities, isn’t always easy. Often times sidewalks are too busy for bicycles and areas are too large and spread out to walk or run around. The Kickbike is perfect for exploring these types of places. The low center of gravity gives you the natural ability to simply step off and walk when needed and step back on and take off in a flash. Kickbikes are super responsive and can carve through a crowd with ease. High performance front and rear brakes stop on a dime and with the average weight of only 15lbs you can easily grab and carry up stairs, onto a subway, or throw in the back of your car. With a speed comparable to a fixed speed bike and a natural standing position, you can comfortably cruise around town having fun and taking in all the scenery.

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